Posting via mail

WordPress is pretty cool – you can mail your blogposts in and get them published automatically. And if you – like me – really like your mail client for writing and editing it couldn’t be easier 🙂 Give it a twirl! I use Postie and that’s a recommended module.


So, what’s happening?

I’ve made a few updates to the system and did some ‘house-cleaning’ so maybe this time I can start to blog a bit more.

As of now the overall language is English but there will be posts in Danish and even Swedish. It’s hard to be multi-lingual when most tools are only built for one language at a time – and support for more languages is only possible through shaky 3rd party add-ons. Well, let’s see how it goes – the new Drupal 8 has best-in-business support for multiple languages so I might change to that soon – so far, I’m going with WordPress.

See you in the comments.

Digital Media / IT

Integrating blog and site

If you can read this (on, that is) you’ll notice that the posting directs to the blog.


New gear on the way

Put in an order with Wimo yesterday… first new purchase in ~10 years and, man, has things changed!

Main reason is that I commute a lot on a daily basis (approx 230 km return-trip) and why not spend the time right? 🙂
I’ve been quite keen on APRS for ages but never really got familiar with it – started with UI-View and Igates, later over TH-D7 which seemed like an easy way in but somethings wrong with the radio (the plug for GPS) and I never got around to fixing it.
Now you can get a mobile station with the GPS build in so there’s the nice boxed solution I could use – ordered the Yaesu FTM-350 and it’s like the days before christmas!
Will be sure to update with the progress when it arrives.

Oh, and second reason was a hefty 20% discount from the store 😉 Thanks, Wimo.


A bit of change…

A small notice – from now on I’ll write in English. I’ve done posts in non-Danish before but since I’m trying to reach out a tad more now it’s gonna be more consequent from now on.