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Posting via mail

WordPress is pretty cool – you can mail your blogposts in and get them published automatically. And if you – like me – really like your mail client for writing and editing it couldn’t be easier 🙂 Give it a twirl! I use Postie and that’s a recommended module.

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So, what’s happening?

I’ve made a few updates to the system and did some ‘house-cleaning’ so maybe this time I can start to blog a bit more.

As of now the overall language is English but there will be posts in Danish and even Swedish. It’s hard to be multi-lingual when most tools are only built for one language at a time – and support for more languages is only possible through shaky 3rd party add-ons. Well, let’s see how it goes – the new Drupal 8 has best-in-business support for multiple languages so I might change to that soon – so far, I’m going with WordPress.

See you in the comments.