Let’s go 2019!

Happy New Year!

Well, hello there – yes, the blog is still alive (just barely) and as much as it has been neglected in the previous years, the more I want to do something about it… finally!

Scrolling through the archives there’s plenty of half-assed attempts at trying to push some new posts through the Ol’ WordPress but not something coherent or contextual. It’s a random post here and there. Not really entertaining, interesting or impressive.

Here’s my pledge for the coming year: This blog will be much more active and the first’n’final resting place for some of the things I’ve been meaning to write about in the past.

At the same time, this blog is going to narrow the focus and not trying to be everything to everything (there will be other blogs for that). Instead, this blog will cover more in-depth matters, the bigger picture, the half-baked ideas and thinking out loud.

So let’s here it for a new beginning – rebooting and going for 365 days of uptime in 2019! Cheers!

Digital Media / IT

Disable all contrib modules in Drupal 8

If you for some odd reason should need to disable all contrib modules in Drupal 8 in a sweeping motion, you could do with Drush:

Start by getting a list of all modules, that…

  • are enabled
  • are not in core
  • get the machine name
  • and put it all in a file
$ drush pml|grep Enabled|grep -v Core|awk -F"[()]" '{print $2}' > modulelist.txt

Then we put a drush command ahead of every module name and put it in a new file

$ sed 's/^/drush pm-uninstall -y /' modulelist.txt >

Make it executable, fire away and Robert’s your mothers brother.

$ chmod +x; ./

Not elegant but fast and effective.


How to update Babystar firmware

The present version of Babystar D-STAR hotspot is v. 1.04 and can be downloaded from the ON8JL website.

To update the hotspot with MacOS you can try and do what I did:

  1. Open the hotspot (screws on the underside)
  2. Attach the accompaning USB-cable to the three-pin serial-port
  3. Attach the USB-port and confirm that the port is created.
    Mine was called /dev/tty.usbserial-FTGXOC3V but milage may vary.
  4. Install Homebrew by following the instructions on the website
  5. Install Minicom with “brew install minicom”
  6. Install Ymodem (file transfer protocol) with “brew install lrzsz”
  7. Start Minicom with “minicom -s” which brings it into config-mode
  8. Under “File transfer protocols” change the filepath to Ymodem send files (under B) to “/usr/local/Cellar/lrzsz/0.12.20/bin/lsb -vv” and change recieve files (under E) to “/usr/local/Cellar/lrzsz/0.12.20/bin/lrb -vv”.
  9. When attached to the hotspot go to menu and choose Send files, then Ymodem and then choose the file.

It’s still alive!

It’s been ages since I last updated this blog and that’s a bit of a shame. Not because of lack of ideas for topics or posts but mostly lack of time – or more correctly, a lack priority. Hopefully this is about to change since there’s plenty to write about and document.

This is just to confirm that although the blog is a bit stale it still hasn’t reached “best before” date – and I will be updating these pages soon.

So stay tuned! More to follow!


A foreigner in LA

I’m at work right now and as many times before that means traveling. Not that I mind that at all. In fact, with winter full on at home with temperatures around freezing and practically no sight of sun it’s quite nice to spend some time in a more hospitable climate.

Not to mention, a taste of the big city although is becomes clear that I’ve become accustomed to living in the country – but not surprising the contrast is clear between a small village in the Scandinavian countryside and one of the worlds most iconic metropolis’ Los Angeles.

Came here for the first time a year ago and now on the 5th visit – this time longer than anytime before since I’m staying for a month (33 days to be exact). That’s a month of sunshine, meeting old friends, working with great colleagues and plenty of new experiences – it’s impossible to stay here without something not planned happening. Anything else is would be odd in a city of roughly the same population as all of Scandinavia combined.

A “winter” day in February in Los Angeles

But of course it’s not all fun’n’games. Being far away from home and family takes it’s toll and not having your own bed to end the day in adds a bit to the stress of traveling. All this – though – is a small price to pay I must say. The challenge and adventure is more than enough to outweigh the negative and five weeks fly by quite quickly.